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Tyres Types

The type of tyre that's right for you, depends on the car you drive and the type of driving you do.

Budget or value tyres

Budget or value brands are perfectly suited to short journeys around town, to the shops or on the school run. They offer significant cost savings at the time of purchase, but bear in mind that mileage might not be as good as more expensive brands.

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Energy saving and long lasting tyres

For those who spend most of their time on the motorway, then low noise, long lasting and low rolling resistance tyres, will offer the best solution. Your driving will be quieter, smoother and you'll see higher mileages before replacement, too

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Performance tyres

If you drive a prestige or performance car, you'll be interested in the latest technology tyres, offering high levels of grip and maneuverability, for rewarding handling and the ultimate driving experience.

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Specialist tyres

If you're considering specialist tyres, we can advise you on the potential benefits and cost implications, so please speak to us first, if you're looking to purchase any of the following: off road tyres, reinforced tyres, winter tyres, runflat tyres, directional or asymmetric tyres.

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Tyre marking

You can find more information about your own tyres, by looking at the sidewall markings. These marks tell you everything from the tyre's size, to the maximum speed at which it tyre can be used. The picture below shows an example tyre, with a key that that explains what all of the markings mean.

1. Manfacturer's name or Brand Name
2. Model or Pattern Code
3. Tyre Size: Nominal Section width (mm), height to width aspect ratio, Rim diameter
4. Service description (Load index + Speed Symbol)
5. ECE R30 Conformity Approval Number
6. EEC Noise Approval Number
7. USA Dept. of Transport Manufacturer's code
8. Date of manufacture
9. Denotes Tubeless Construction
10. Safety Warning
11. Direction of rotation (Directional tyres only)
12. Outer (inner) sidewall (Asymmetric tyres only)
13. Extra Load: denotes higher load capacity than standard tyre
14. TWI-tread wear indicators - raised areas at the base of the tread grooves to serve as a visual warning of when the tyre is approaching or at the minimum legal limit.

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